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100 Main Street
Anytown, KS   65001
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Goal:  $10,000 Raised:  $3,911

Example Elementary School 

Running Hot Dogs 



On March 1st, 2012, we will be holding our 3rd annual "HotDog Dash".  Our goal is to have each student walk at least 3 miles around Brook Lake. 


Earlier this year, an inspection determined that our playground was aging and outdated and was unsafe for the students who play there. 


By supporting our event, we will be able to build a new playground that is both age appropriate and ADA accessible for our students. 

Support our Platinum Sponsors 



Please support our event students as they walk around Brook Lake, they will be raising money for a new playground like the one below. 

2012 Event Committee 


Joe Smith 

Ben Winkleman 

Sylvia Johnson 

Cathy Wilson 

Jennifer Stewart 

Joe Weirs 

Wade Deltree 


Please click here if you would like to volunteer during the day of the event.  


Support our event participants by clicking on "Donate Now" and entering their unique Pledge Code, or if you would like to donate to our event but don't have a pledge code, please use code 26_SamElementary. 

Please Support our Event Sponsors  

Kum & Go 

Iowa Energy 

Target Superstore 

Farmers Insurance 

American Electronics 

Barr Bike & Fitness 

Interstate Batteries 


Hotel Pattee  

The Radish 

Iowa National Guard 

Liberty Bank 

Fridley Theaters 


Godfathers Pizza 






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